Joy Mobley | Sharpening your skills while you wait…
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Sharpening your skills while you wait…

Sharpening your skills while you wait…

I never use to do vocal lessons before I sang. The only times I did it is if I was singing with praise teams or choir when it was mandatory and even then I was not present while doing it, I was just trying to get to the sangin part lol. I thought vocal warm ups was boring and wore out my voice. But when I learned to do them properly and became aware of the effects on my voice I then found change. I never took voice lessons, well I did in like the 9th grade and never did it again til recently I made the decision that I need to grow vocally. I was hecka rusty because I haven’t sang since my younger years and didn’t start diving back into singing until the beginning of 2014. And even then I didn’t do vocal lessons.

Once God spoke to me about my vision I knew I had to get right so my hubby encouraged me to take vocal lessons with an instructor. After looking into the prices and thinking with my cheap butt “I will not that’s too expensive ” (despite if the money is there I’m very fragile) lol **Sidenote investing in ur gift is mandatory to reaching your purpose! So that may mean dollar signs $$$. I’m aware that many of us ladies love red bottoms, Louis purses or the most expensive weaves, and for the fellas it may be the latest j’s, rims or stereo system in your car, whatever it is I truly encourage you to invest your moola into your purpose that will bless others and in return bless you back! Like the circle of life lol lion king #classic. For me I don’t have a desire for those things, when it comes to purpose over pleasure it’s an obvious choice.

So hubby pushed me to go and I ended up taking them, the funny thing was I was 5 months pregnant at the time. So I really thought it was stupid to even try because I wouldn’t have all my air etc. and I thought it wasn’t the perfect time to do it. Well how many know your timing isn’t Gods timing. God was trying to prepare me despite my circumstances. So I did it and definitely saw growth that I could take with me in my singing journey to purpose. I didn’t want to stop there but realized I had to carry on this vocal training myself in order to continue my growth and not stay stagnate. I downloaded this app called voiceXTrain and I started doing vocal lessons… when I felt like it. I heard a message by Joel Osteen on tv (one of my absolute favorite pastors). He mentioned that we need to put at least 20 minutes toward our destiny everyday whether it’s planning practicing etc to keep growing.

Develop and do your part by doing something each day intentional towards your purpose. Sharpening your acts is a call to action. When God sees you’re prepared he can open up new doors.

Your gifts will make room for you.

Keep growing learning and getting prepared

If your not improving your falling behind and your at a disadvantage.

So to sum it all up, you have to put some work in to reach your goals.

After hearing that a fire of consistency lit under my butt. I continued my vocal training and started to unlock other levels (because I been on level one for months smh ) I told my husband of my progress and he was happy, I then mentioned I charged the card with new vocal lessons 🙂 lol he was happy for the drive that was coming out of me.

So I encourage you today whatever God told you to do whatever he purposed in your heart Go! Take the proper steps to pursue HIS destiny that he has given to you. The world is waiting for your gift to change it.

Psalm 138:8 “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.”

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