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Embracing the Process

It’s done! With God I finished my Christmas EP “Season of Joy” I am so happy to finally get it out to you! But before I could even do that there was a process I had to go through, and even then I’m still not finished with what God has called me to do, there’s sooooooo much more!

This Christmas EP is my first professional recording. It took a lot of trial and error, so this was definitely a learning experience for me because I have never did this before. Some of the key points that I have learned in this process is: having patience, faith and trusting in God, listening and obeying, and seeking God for wisdom on how he wanted me to go after what he had purposed in my heart.

I found it imperative that after God told me what to do that, I would stay in connection with him to make sure I was going in the right direction because its so easy to operate in the flesh. When I didn’t take time to seek and listen to him I found myself making the wrong decisions. Often times when we don’t consult with God about anything in life we WILL make the wrong move and differ or even cost us our calling.

Patience is an ongoing required action in the process of your calling because things will not always happen on your timing! You may want to get irritated, aggravated and frustrated etc. but you must be patient, have faith and trust in God because he will bring it all together in the right timing even when you cant see it! “We walk by faith and not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7 is one of the scriptures I had to stand on through my process of making this Christmas EP. Patience, Faith, trust in the Lord, seeking God, listening and obeying. I struggled with ALL of these areas, but these are all constant actions that have to happen in order to work towards your calling.

This is truly still a process for me to stay strong in these things. But that’s when I could meditate and stand on the word to get me through. I literally had to look up scriptures pertaining to what was going on and recite and pray about it throughout the day. It’s hard to be strong in a spiritual area if you never exercised it before.

So while you’re on your journey to fulfilling the purpose God has called you to do just embrace the process and stay close to him! That’s the only way I got through.

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